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U.S. Is Not Qualified to Talk about Global Peace, Security and Civilization


Recently the U.S. decided to withdraw from UNESCO under the pretexts of its dues worth hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars it has not paid until now and the UNESCO's increasing voices denouncing Israel.

The director-general of the UNESCO expressed disappointment at the U.S. decision, and envoys of different countries condemned it as rubbish aimed at pressurizing the body. The U.S. had withdrawn from the organization in 1984, complaining about its discussion on the issue of establishing the fair international information and communication order and signed up for the body again in 2003.

When Palestine joined UNESCO in 2011, the U.S. reacted to it, not paying its dues on the pretext of its domestic law which banned the financial backing for organizations recognizing Palestine as a state.

The U.S. made a decision on withdrawing from the UNESCO in the wake of its exit from the Paris Agreement for protecting global environment. This is the height of the extreme U.S.-style egoism and arrogance as it does not mind sacrificing the global peace and civilization for its own interests.

Such acts of the U.S. have become all the more expressive after Trump, whose belief is money, took office. The Trump group is mulling denying the payment of dues to the UN which it has used as a tool for hegemonism and imposing the payment on other member states. On June 1, it ruthlessly violated the Paris Agreement, the fruit of the common efforts of the international community to preserve global environment.

When the U.S., an arch criminal of wrecking global environment, announced it would withdraw from the agreement, the international community branded its move as an "act surpassing the toxic gas atrocities by Hitler" and a "crime to annihilate humankind by making the whole green planet a room filled with toxic gas."

The Trump administration often trumpets about the issues of the international donations that they are "money contributed by the U.S. to the world" and "the U.S. enriches the world at the sacrifice of its industry" but it is nothing but a trick to cover up its nature as a brigandish empire which has plundered the world by abusing its specified political and economic status and to calm down the backlash of the international community.

The U.S. decision on a departure from UNESCO was made on an extension of such moves.

Now the international community unanimously condemns the U.S. for going in and out of UNESCO, a UN agency whose noble mission is to build a peaceful and civilized world by boosting the international cooperation in education, science, culture and other fields, at will in its own selfish interests.

The U.S. always revels in war and massacre around the world and is disturbing it while threatening and blackmailing other countries. This time it withdrew from UNESCO, utterly depriving itself of any justification to talk about global peace, security and civilization.

The Yankee logic of hegemony that everything should exist for it and be prey to it will no more get through to man with sound thinking ability in the era of independence as the theory is a pipedream and anachronistic sophism.

The crazy ideology and forces harassing world peace and civilization and threatening human existence must be eliminated from the world of human civilization, and from this planet. This is our stand.

All the countries of the world desirous of independence, justice, peace and development should never tolerate the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices by which it perpetrates all bullying acts under the slogan of "America first".

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