April 19, Juche108(2019)


Candlelight Action is Not Over in S. Korea


The south Korean people's massive candlelight resistance was a righteous struggle to put an end to the turbulent political landscape disgraced by the group of traitors and achieve social justice and progress.

Their candlelight resistance failed to bring about the desired results.

The candlelight actions staged by people from all walks of life resulted in the collapse of the Park Geun Hye regime, but the south Korean people's desire to live as human beings in a democratized and reunified country without foreign forces is mercilessly trampled down as before.

It is stark reality that the treacherous policy of the conservative regime is still in force while successes of candlelight actions are brought to naught in south Korea.

This is inevitable consequences of the betrayal of the present south Korean ruling quarters that emerged while pretending to represent the public mind-set of candlelight holders.

The present south Korean ruling forces are the traitors putting the conservative regime into the shade in sycophancy toward the U.S. and dependence on outside forces.

If the spirit of people's struggle for achieving independence, democracy and reunification is weakened and the righteous struggle for new politics and new life is given up halfway, traitorous politics would be revived and people be trampled down by dictatorial forces. This is a bitter lesson taught by the history of the south Korean people's movement.

The candlelight resistance is not over in south Korea.

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