February 22, Juche108(2019)

Device of Measuring Heat of Cement Hydration

The researchers of Pyongyang University of Architecture have developed an automatic device of measuring heat of cement hydration conducive to putting cement and concrete prefab production on a higher scientific footing.

In the past the heat of cement hydration was measured by applying a method of taking its dissolution heat. It was difficult to make the method widely applied for its high cost and complicated measuring operation.

With a view to remedying such shortcomings, the researchers made by themselves a device and an operation system with low cost and easy operation, which makes it possible to see the process of cement hydration.

The device, which consists of a calorimeter and computer, ensures an accuracy of over 90%. Cement mortar is put in the calorimeter, and get a relevant value from the change of heat out of the mortar. As the device can estimate the strength of cement rapidly and correctly and analyze the change of cement properties by the effect of additives timely and easily, it is acknowledged as an advanced one worldwide.

It makes it possible to arrest cracks caused by thermal expansion when carrying on such large concrete buildings as dam and runway constructions. It also makes it possible to improve the quality of low-heat cement widely used for making large concrete members and produce and use various kinds of concrete additives according to building operations in a scientific way.

The new device has proved its worth at the Sunchon Cement Complex and other units.

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