November 12, Juche108(2019)
By Improving Educational Conditions
and Environment

Jungdok Primary School in Phyongsong is attached to Phyongsong Teachers Training College.

The primary school has earned a good reputation in its history of nearly 50 years.

In recent years it has made strenuous efforts to improve the conditions and environment for education and achieve more successes in educational work.

In close collaboration with sponsoring organizations it newly built a five-storeyed building with dozens of multifunctional classrooms and spaces for combined lecture and musical practice.

It also renovated the interior and exterior of the existing school building as required by the new century, refurbished the classrooms with modern facilities and remodelled the desks.

The playground is covered with artificial turf of 1 800 square metres. A roller-skating track was newly laid and scores of sporting apparatuses were set up. A swimming pool and table tennis ground were also reconstructed.

The school is pushing ahead with the work to further enhance the sense of responsibility and role of the teachers to suit the reality in which the scope of the contents of primary education is being expanded and its level being raised.

In a hot wind of collective competition to improve the qualifications of the teachers, new teaching methods and aids are created and applied to practice so as to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching and improve the cognitive power of pupils.

In the course of this the number of honour pupils is on steady increase and many of them were highly appreciated at the national quiz contests.

Those engaged in after-school groups of football, swimming and table tennis snatched gold medals in the national sports games.

A growing number of graduates are admitted to Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 and Kumsong School.

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