October 18, Juche108(2019)
Mansudae Art Troupe Gives Performance

The Mansudae Art Troupe gave a music and dance performance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on October 8 to mark the 22nd anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il's election as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Among the audience were Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee, cadres of the Party and the government, officials of the WPK Central Committee, those of ministries, national agencies and armed forces organs, those of industrial establishments and merited persons in Pyongyang.

Put on the stage were such numbers as orchestral music for piano and chorus "Ode to Comrade Kim Jong Il", chorus "Fascination and Admiration" and female solo "We Love the Party Flag".

Performers vividly showed the glorious path of the Korean revolution which has dynamically advanced Korean-style socialism, holding Kim Jong Il in the highest esteem at the top post of the Party and flying the red flag of the Juche-type Party as the ever-victorious banner.

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