September 19, Juche108(2019)

Blessed Triplets

Hong Kwang Rim, Hong Myong Rim and Hong Song Rim are 8-year-old triplets, living in Pipha-dong No.2, Moranbong District, Pyongyang.



Their mother Sin Kyong Hwa said: I was diagnosed as conceiving triplets three months after pregnancy. Since then, I got treatment in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. I was supplied with large amounts of honey and tonics during my hospitalization. Thanks to the deep concern and care of the State that regards the birth of triplets as a favourable omen for its prosperity, my babies were born as the 403rd triplets since the inauguration of the maternity hospital. They weighed 1.75, 1.5 and 1.84 kilograms respectively at that time. Three months later, they put on weight by 4.5, 4.1 and 4.4 kilograms. Medical workers took care of me and my babies wholeheartedly. The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is, indeed, the warm cradle of my triplets.

The State presented their father and Kwang Rim (son) with silver daggers, and their mother and Myong Rim and Song Rim (daughters) with gold rings.

After leaving the hospital, the children grew up happily at the Pyongyang Baby Home and the Hungbu Kindergarten in Moranbong District under the loving care of nurses and teachers. The State assigned a new flat on the picturesque banks of the Pothong River to them.

After delivering his New Year Address on January 1, Juche 104 (2015), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Baby Home and the Pyongyang Orphanage. Blessing the triplets and other children good health, he had a picture taken with them.



The triplets are now studying at Songbuk Primary School in Moranbong District.

One day, their class teacher found that Kwang Rim had an aptitude for mathematics from the fact that he easily solved a problem of finding out the numbers of triangles and segments in various shapes of figures.

Since then, she has directed great efforts to develop his intellectual faculties, preparing extracurricular teaching aids for him.


With an ambition of becoming a famous doctor, Kwang Rim never remains indifferent to natural phenomena.

Meanwhile, his broad-minded sisters Myong Rim and Song Rim dance and sing songs well by dint of their rich voice. The music teacher of the school, who has trained many reserve accordionists and singers, said they are endowed with natural talents to be famous musicians.

The dreams and hopes of the triplets are being brought into full bloom, along with their growth.


“Family members”

The triplets have many “family members.”

A doctor in the Pipha Polyclinic in their residential district regularly visits their home to take their heights and weights and give medical checkup every month. The head of paediatrics of the Moranbong District People’s Hospital gave them tonics and nutrients and took care of them during their winter vacation in January. The triplets call them “our grandmothers.”

Their neighbouring grandfather always knocks at their door to see them. The head of their people’s neighbourhood unit prepares clothes and other daily necessities, saying that it is the work common to the neighbours to grow up the triplets healthily. Jong Sung Chol, working at the Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Indoor Stadium, and his wife Ri Kum Hyang visit them on their birthday and national holidays, helping them in study and life. And older brothers and sisters in their neighbourhood always accompany them on their way to the school and playground.

Thanks to the parental care of such people, their faces always beam with joy.

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