September 19, Juche108(2019)
Sinchang Fish Farm

The Sinchang Fish Farm is located in Unsan County, South Phyongan Province. The farm has its water source from a spring with a discharge of 0.4-0.5 cubic metres per second at a temperature of 13℃ all the year round, and raises a variety of freshwater fishes including sturgeon, rainbow trout, Ryongjong fish, carp and Brachymystax lenok.

It was established sixty years ago, thanks to the state policy of promoting fish farming. At present it has expanded the fishing area six times larger than before as well as increased the variety of fish.

The farm has built indoor and outdoor fish ponds, grounds for hatching, breeding fish fry, filtering water, processing feed and so on, and employed sophisticated means for integrated management and analysis, thereby producing a large amount of freshwater fish. It has established gravitational water flow system and recycling system so as to keep clean water at ponds.


It introduces into propagation and growth of fish such advanced methods as labour- and water-saving ones while taking into account the cost-effectiveness of fish farming.

Recently the farm built new grounds for breeding Jangsu fish, Hucho ishikawai, mandarin fish and others known as good for health.

It is self-sufficient in electric power by installing solar panels and wind turbines that make effective use of topographical and climate conditions and blend well surrounding scenery.

A lot of people, including officials and technicians in the fish farming sector, visit the farm to learn from advanced technology and experience.

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