October 24, Juche108(2019)

In the Days of Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle

During the arduous armed struggle against the Japanese imperialist aggressors, one million strong, the soldiers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA) made weapons by their own efforts or wrested weapons from the enemy to arm themselves and defeat the aggressors.


Yongil Bomb

At first the arsenals in the guerrilla zones made bombs and renovated bullets with gunpowder sent by miners and underground political workers of the KPRA. But this route of acquiring gunpowder was always dangerous and exposed the underground organizations formed in the mines to considerable risk due to close surveillance of the Japanese imperialists. So, the arsenals found out a method of producing gunpowder by making use of nitre available in any place inhabited by people. The method was applied in all arsenals, bringing about a great change in the production of munitions.

As powder became available, the production of bombs increased remarkably. The bomb, which consisted of a fuse and a tin, was much more effective than a hand grenade. Later, it was called Yongil bomb, demonstrating its power in the battles to annihilate the Japanese aggressors.


A Pistol

One September day in Juche 22 (1933), three soldiers of the KPRA crossed the Tuman River and raided the Ryongdang police substation to capture weapons from the enemy. On their way back to the unit they were chased by the “border guards” and police forces.

When they arrived in the middle of the river, the enemy concentrated firing on the boat. They had no other option but to abandon the boat and swim across the river. O Il Pha in charge of the team shouldered the wrested weapons and Pak Se Hong carried a soldier bad at swimming on his back.

When Pak nearly reached the riverside, he was hit by the enemy’s bullets. He managed to raise himself above water to push his comrade on the back to the riverbank. The moment, he was shot again. Bracing himself up in the dim twilight of consciousness, he threw his pistol at his comrades.

Making his last request “Comrades, get this pistol, please!”, he was submerged under water.

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