December 8, Juche108(2019)
A Scientist’s Honour and Conscience

In January last year, a February16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest prize in the sci-tech sector of the country, was awarded to a scientist who invented a multi-dimensional designing technique in the clothing sector.

He is Merited Scientist and Dr. Jong Won Il who works at the external light-industry technology company at Pyongyang Han Dok Su University of Light Industry.

He has devoted himself to developing the clothing industry of the country for about two decades.

During his university days, he had already obtained an academic degree by making a research into the three-dimensional designing of the curved surface of the human body by means of the CAD system.

One year later after graduation, he developed a three-dimensional system of measuring the human body according to body types by means of IP camera. And he has introduced lots of sci-tech achievements into production at many clothing factories, bringing big economic profits to them.

So, his teachers and friends advised him to write a thesis. Declining their proposal, he said: The world clothing sector is now introducing four- and five-dimensional designing techniques. This being the situation, I cannot betray my conscience as a scientist. The dignity of a scientist can be further honoured only by the pure conscience to support the country.

He set a higher aim to develop multi-dimensional designing techniques and exerted himself to this end. Through his painstaking efforts, he finally succeeded in inventing four- and five-dimensional designing techniques according to the cloth materials for the kinetic movements of the human body.

Today, he is devoting himself to putting the clothes designing on an IT footing.

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