December 16, Juche108(2019)
Girl Poet

An Mi Ryong is an eleven-year-old girl studying at the Pyoksong Junior Middle School in Pyoksong County, South Hwanghae Province, and local people call her “little poet”.

Already in her infant days, An excelled others about her age in sensitivity, memory and faculty of expression, surprising not only her parents but also other grown-ups.

Her parents recall that she began to take lesson in music at the age of three, and in the middle of playing etudes or sight-reading she often sang verses in an undertone, the words of which were made by herself and seemed logic.

Her kindergarten teachers discovered her gifted talent for poetry and held collective discussions to work out a special teaching program for her.

Thanks to the effort, An learned in four months the Korean alphabet and became able to read newspapers fluently.

Then she received education in composition from a qualified teacher, who stressed on fostering her faculty of observing circumstances and phenomena closely to detect their essence and describing them in artistic expressions.

Her fecund imagination was most outstanding in her poetic talent.

When she was six, she saw a pear tree in full bearing and recited an impromptu poem, “Ye pear tree, you are blessed with many children.”

Since she was five, she wrote her diary, and in many cases in the form of children’s poems and rhymes.

In this course, the little prodigy brought her talent into bloom.

The poems she wrote in her early years represented her naive feelings, and, afterwards, they were enriched in content to portray her affection for her mates and teachers and the pride in native place and resolve to spruce it up.

She likes music and drawing but her most favourite pursuit is reading. Sometimes she lies awake late at night reading books, a worry of her grandmother and parents. She has read all the books in the selection of world juvenile literature and is well versed in them.

She is good at her studies and of a cheerful disposition, enjoying popularity among her friends.

She wrote her maiden poem On Beautiful Clouds, when she was four, and has so far written more than 500 children’s poems and songs. Nearly 80 of them were published in newspapers and journals.

She has won the children’s literature prize for consecutive six years since she was six, and “Our Classroom” literature prize last year. She also obtained diplomas from the Central Committee of the Writers Union of Korea and other relevant organizations, totalling 12 in five years.

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