February 20, Juche108(2019)

Wonsan Air Festival-2016

The Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival-2016 took place with large attendance in Wonsan, a port city of the DPRK, on September 24-25.

David Thomson Rolands, president of the British Juche Travel Services and honorary vice-chairman of the air festival, made an opening address.

When interviewed by KCNA, he said that the preparations for the festival and all conditions of the airport were excellent, expressing his gratitude to the DPRK side for making big efforts for the festival.

At the festival, pilots of the Korean People's Army drove different fighters to make solo, formation, level, climbing, descending, circular and contour flights.

Formation flights of supersonic fighters made by KPA girl pilots were highly admired by spectators.

Makoto Iijima, a Japanese tourist, said that he was deeply moved to see the people rush out into the runway to greet those girl pilots.

Skydivers of the DPRK jumped at an altitude of 1 200m-2 000m, flying the flags of the DPRK and the Workers' Party of Korea. They also displayed fireworks and smoke screens and built a tower with five chutes in the air, which was followed by skydiving skills of parachute experts and fans from Germany, UK, Czech, US and other countries.

Jaques Douglas, an American, said he had such friendship skydiving for the first time ever and was greatly excited to be one of first foreign skydivers in the festival and had a really good time as everybody is very friendly.

Fryzek Libor, a Czech parachute fan, said that the newly-built Kalma Airport is very beautiful.

After the skydiving, foreign parachute experts and fans had a photo session taken with spectators to deepen friendly feelings.

The participants in the festival commanded a bird's-eye view of Wonsan City by air.

The festival served as an occasion to promote friendship, exchange and cooperation between countries and nations aspiring after peaceful and prosperous world.


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