july 21, Juche108(2019)

Photo Session with Exemplary KPA
Service Personnel

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, had a photo session with the participants of the Third Conference of KPA Activists in the Movement for Winning Title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment.

When Kim Jong Un arrived at the venue of the photo session, the participants enthusiastically welcomed him, extending the highest glory and warmest gratitude to him.

He waved back to the cheering participants.

He warmly congratulated them on their contribution to devotedly defending the Party and the revolution on the forefront for safeguarding the country and bolstering the politico-ideological, military and technical capabilities of the KPA. Then he had a photo session with them.

He expressed expectation and belief that the participants would fulfill their responsibility and duty in turning all the units of the KPA into the ones like the 7th Regiment of the anti-Japanese guerrilla army and the guards units in the period of the Fatherland Liberation War by upholding and glorifying Chairman Kim Jong Il's idea of the mass movement in the KPA and leadership feats and bringing about a fresh turn in the movement for winning the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment and the movement for winning the title of Guards Unit.

Present there were Hwang Pyong So, Ri Myong Su and Pak Yong Sik.


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