August 20, Juche108(2019)
Revival of Conservatism Must Not Be Overlooked: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) -- So ill-boding are the moves of the south Korean conservative forces to rally their camp.

Groups of conservatives are being formed one after another under various names including the group of general officers on reserve duty consisting of former ministers of Defence, a collection of six conservative groups in Kyongsang Province, a group of riff-raffs posed as university professors and lawyers.

The conservative forces that were holed up, upset by the candlelight demonstrations which culminated in the impeachment of Park Geun Hye and punishment of dictatorial regime, now busy themselves, rallying the forces. This can never be overlooked.

This is a clear proof of the revival attempt of the reactionaries of history who should have been removed.

As one devil knows another, those in the group of conservatives are traitors intent on sycophancy, treachery and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, being dead-set against reunification.

Such guys go roughshod to turn their doomed fate around and revive the past.

The conservatives' moves to rally their force have something to do with the "Liberal Korea Party's" ever-increasing efforts to come to power.

The challenging rhetoric made at the inaugural ceremonies of those conservative organizations have something in common with the call for "stopping leftist dictatorship" and seizure of "power" uttered by Hwang Kyo An and the "Liberal Korea Party."

The conservative riff-raffs even bluff that they would "contain the government's leftist dictatorial rule and pursuance of domestic and external policies" and "expand membership to make it conservative rightist camp comparable with progressive democratic organizations".

Out of an ambition to hold an upper-hand over the progressive camp and come to power grounded on the conservative rightist camp, Hwang and the "Liberal Korea Party" group are giving a shot in the arm of the conservative forces.

To this end, they run a whole gamut of invective to defile the progressive forces, and haphazardly collect die-hard conservatives.

The wild act of the conservative forces is a mockery of the south Koreans who punished the group of traitors through candlelight resistance and an open challenge aimed to turn around the situation from the improvement of the north-south ties and the peace on the Korean peninsula.

Still fresh in the memory of the south Koreans are the crimes committed by the conservative forces including various organizations like "thaegukgi unit" and the "Association of Love for Park Geun Hye" who went on the rampage in the streets, holding "counter-fire rallies" to check the impeachment of traitor Park and funding such hysteric organizations.

In case the conservative forces get aligned with the "Liberal Korea Party," breeding ground of evil, here and there, fascist violence will sweep across south Korea again, touching off retaliation against the progressive democratic forces.

This is the main reason why the desperate moves for the revival of the conservative forces should no longer be overlooked. -0-

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