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Weight of Gold Medal

“I feel as if flying in the air when ice-skating,” said So Rim Song, who took the first place by clinching five gold medals in the short-course speed skating event of the 56th national juvenile sports school games held this year.

The boy is 15 years old now.

His mother was surprised when her son, a pupil at a junior middle school, told her he wanted to do short-course speed skating. Looking back upon the days, she said she had felt apprehensions rather than expectations, because her son had no experience of skating. But it was an idle concern. Her son was of a physical constitution suitable for speed skating.

He has won 11 gold medals for four years after starting the speed skating.

His instructor is Kim Jong Ung, who works at Phyongchon District Juvenile Sports School in Pyongyang. It is said that he is troubled by some coaches from several sports clubs, who frequent him after watching the boy’s games.

He set up a scientific training plan as suited to the physical features of the boy who had never skated before, and closely combined basic technical training with physical training. And he found a new method to polish up special technical movements. Thanks to his efforts, the boy began to master the knack of performing accurate movements with a keen sense of ice, and acquired difficult technical movements such as various straight and curved skating methods in a short period.

Kim Jong Ung says: They say that So Rim Song has a constitution fit for ice and demand me to send him to their sports club. But his gold medal is no more than a sprout, I think. He has a long way off perfection. We should cultivate that sprout well into a giant tree. To this end, it is important to direct more efforts to basic training.

Today, the instructor and his disciple are giving spurs to the training with a determination to snatch another gold medal.

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