july 24, Juche108(2019)
Reckless Act of Ultra-Right Conservative Forces Blasted

Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) -- Members of civic organizations in Kwangju denounced ultra-right conservatives for threatening an elementary-school pupil, according to the south Korean Yonhap News on Mar. 14.

The pupil was said to have chanted the slogans "Arrest Chun Doo Hwan" and "Get out of here, Chun Doo Hwan" to express the indignation at the traitor who led the "martial law soldiers" to slaughter the participants in the Kwangju Popular Uprising in cold blood.

Taking issue with the act of the said pupil, the conservative elements phoned the school to protest against it and held a "news conference to denounce it" in front of the school.

Civic organization members declared that they would never pardon the elements if they keep with the reckless act against pupils. -0-

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