july 18, Juche108(2019)

A Wide Selection of Functional Cosmetics

The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory is making efforts to diversify its products.

The factory has put all production lines, ranging from raw materials feeding to completion, on an automated basis and set up an integrated production system. It has recently established a new process of producing cleansing and liquid cosmetics and is directing efforts to developing various products much favoured by people.

It makes researches and development of functional cosmetics by making use of materials with whitening and moisturizing effects. The researchers at the pilot plant and other laboratories are striving to improve the quality of products by further upgrading the supercritical method of extracting effective ingredients from functional medicinal herbs.

Many achievements are being made in the efforts to develop natural and less irritating cosmetics for skin care and protection.

The exhibition hall of Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics, provided with rooms for skin analysis and facial culture, is also playing a large part in increasing the variety of products. Here customers receive treatment with the help of various kinds of functional cosmetics and medical appliances.

The factory is stepping up the work of developing new popular cosmetics on the basis of its scientific marketing strategy according to the opinions and demands of buyers.


Its natural facial treatment and ageing-retarding cosmetics have been patented in the country, and many others registered as the high-tech products.

The ultraviolet ray preventive lotion, pimple-treatment cream, baby’s dermatitis-removing cream and other cosmetics that have face treatment, skin protection and pharmacological effects have been highly appreciated at the 16th national inventions exhibition held in August.

The factory produces about 300 kinds of Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics, including foundation, functional, hair, makeup, treatment and cleansing cosmetics, and men’s toiletries.

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