February 23, Juche108(2019)
70th Founding Anniversary of DPRK Marked by Koreans in China

Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) -- The General Association of Koreans in China arranged events for celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

A meeting of the general association took place in Shenyang, China, on September 6.

Present there were First Vice-Chairman Choe Su Bong and other officials of the general association and its affiliated organizations, members of the Federation of Korean Economic Workers in China and the Association of Young Korean Nationals in China, Korean nationals in Shenyang and the DPRK consul general in Shenyang and his staff.

Choe Su Bong delivered a report to the meeting, in which he said he would, first of all, pay high tribute to President

Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had founded the DPRK and laid the everlasting groundwork for developing it into a socialist power.

He referred to the fact that Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il put forward the Koreans in China as overseas citizens of Juche Korea, formed the General Association of Koreans in China as a genuine patriotic organization, and led it along the path of patriotism stage by stage.

He also called upon those attending the meeting to turn out, with one accord, in the efforts for the prosperity and reunification of the nation. He continued to stress that to this end, they should be united rock-solid behind the general association, under the direction of Supreme Leader

Kim Jong Un and true to the patriotic ideas and behests of

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

The report was followed by the adoption of a letter to

Kim Jong Un amid enthusiastic applause.

The participants watched a Korean documentary "The People Sing of Their Leader".

A concert for celebrating the 70th birthday of the DPRK was given at Yanji, China, on September 4.

In addition, other colorful events were held under the auspices of the Zhongnan Regional Association and other affiliated organizations of the above general association. -0-

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