April 19, Juche108(2019)
National Book Exhibition Opens

A national book exhibition opened to celebrate the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

Displayed in the venue is an art piece depicting President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il standing atop Mt Paektu.

On display there are their works and over 20 000 publications of more than 10 000 kinds brought out in the DPRK and different countries.

The enlarged edition of "Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung's Works", "Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" and other works of the peerlessly great men, books dealing with their ideological and theoretical exploits, books explaining the Juche idea and its embodiment, the policies of the Workers' Party of Korea, etc. are on display at the wing of the Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House.

There are immortal classics created by the great leaders, a cycle of novels dealing with their revolutionary careers and leadership exploits and other books helpful to the education of officials, working people, youth and children and their cultural and emotional life at the wings of the Kumsong Youth Publishing House, the Art and Literature Publishing House and the Working People's Organizations Publishing House.

Books, magazines, dictionaries and picture albums of various fields are on display at the wings of the Social Science Book Publishing House, the Science and Encyclopedia Publishing House, the Foreign Languages Publishing House, the Foreign Language Books Publishing House, the Railway Publishing House and the Cheyuk Sinmun Office.

Books dealing with the exploits of the peerlessly great persons, all sorts of teaching materials and reference books are presented by the Educational Books Publishing House and the Higher Educational Books Publishing House and publications helpful to enhancing the political and theoretical level and technical level of Party members and working people by the Industrial Publishing House and the Agricultural Publishing House.

Various kinds of books and magazines and books published in different countries in praise of the greatness and exploits of the peerlessly great persons are on display at the wing of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and the wing of the dissemination network.

An opening ceremony took place at the Grand People's Study House on September 6.

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