The April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund was established in June 3, 2011 as the proposals had been made among international figures of cultural and art circle and artists and for wide exchange and cooperation in the organization of the festival.

1) Establishment of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund

Many of the cultural figures and artistes who partook in the 27th art festival suggested promoting international cooperation in the organization of the event in keeping with its high global profile, and a series of follow-up working consultation arrived at the consensus that the establishment of a global fund for the event was much needed in reality.

As a result, on June 3, 2011, in Pyongyang the April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund was launched as a non-profit making and non-governmental organization that was registered as a corporate body of the DPRK.

2) Mission of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund

The Festival Fund, i.e., the April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund, encourages wide-ranging international cooperation and fund-raiser necessary for the successful organization of the April Spring Art Festival traditionally held under the ideal of independence, peace and friendship into a global artistic gathering conducive to the promotion of international exchange and cooperation in the field of culture and the arts and the development of culture and art of individual countries and humankind as a whole.

- To ensure active participation of renowned art groups, individuals and men of culture, who are ready to respect the ideal of the event, the Festival Fund shall closely work with art exchange institutions and related persons worldwide to invite as many people around the world as possible.

   o In close cooperation with the Festival Organizing Committee, the Fund launches invitation activities in different parts of the world as an inviting agent for the art show.

   o It gathers materials on famous artistic groups and individuals worldwide and helps make contact with them.

   o It assists in providing the attendants with better services in booking flights and other travel means to and from Pyongyang.

3) Fund-raising, Authentication, Appreciation and Expenditure


− Donation from local institutions, enterprises, organizations and individuals.

− Voluntary cooperation and support from overseas Koreans and their organizations to invite, promote and exchange information about artistic groups and individuals and improve their performing conditions.

− Voluntary cooperation and support from international organizations,groups and individual foreigners to invite, promote and exchange information about artistic groups and individuals and provide better performing conditions.

Authentication and Appreciation

The Festival Fund will invite those donor groups and individuals as guests of honor for the event and deal with authentication and appreciation including bestowal of trophies and diplomas, media coverage, tourism, and free ticket for the event.


The funds will be used to lay the groundwork for the event and organize and run it while the General Assembly of the Fund examines and determines what will have to be funded.

4) Organizational Structure of April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund

5) Initiators of April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund

Oleg Kasyanob

Head of Ukraine-Kiev Dance Troupe

With growing international interest and popularity of the event, I think it is most important forthe Festival Organizing Committee to seek a more extensive international cooperation in running the event, particularly in invitation and publicity activities.

I’d like to work together with the organizing committee to ensure more participation of accomplished troupes and artistes in Ukraineand other neighboring countries.

Prof. Alexander Schuleiman

Instrumentalist of the German Association of Kreuzen Concert

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival is a magnificent, wide-ranging, and distinctive international art show.

I hope the organizing committee will give more chances to my fellows of the internationally prestigious Kreuzen Concert to perform in the show.

I’d also like to make a suggestion to the Festival Organizing Committee to conduct an active propaganda on Internet for those who have interest in the Festival.

Chui Jinghu

National 1st Class Performer, a valcalist of chinese Easten Song and Dance Group

The wonderful art festival in Pyongyang is widely known in China beyond the art circle, and not only artists but people of all strata are interested in the event.

I think it is necessary to establish an international mechanism geared to financing the event so that different countries and personages could join the event in a way of helping finance it.

Such a global fund-raising mechanism will make possible mass involvement across the world, raising the profile of the event.

Basiliev Vladimir Yujichi

Head of Moscow Classical Ballet Troupe of Russia

The event is well known in Russia as an internationally accredited art show, so there are many troupes and entertainers who want to take part in it.

We are going to have exchanges with Korean ballet dancers in various fields not only during the festival but throughout this year so that we could stage classical ballet dances for next tine’s event, adding a special touch of distinction to the stage.

Song Lihong

President of the Auditing Committee of the External Directing Group Corporation of the Chinese Ministry of Culture

China has so far sent many large, distinguished troupes to Pyongyang’s art show and will dispatch a batch of fresh, representative troupes and entertainers for next time festival to play a part in making the event more significant.

Kang Yong In

Deputy director for Osaka headquarters of the Literary and Art Department of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan

I think world-famous artists’ initiative to seek a wide-ranging international cooperation in organizing and mangaging the festival is a timely good proposal.

My opinion is that if the Festival Organizing Committee takes their offer into good account and carries out international fund-raising it will help to give more would-be participants access to the event.

To boost fund-raising worldwide, regional offices will have to be set up to ensure cooperation between regions and countries.

Choe Tong Won

President China Zhejiang Zaoxiang Import & Export Co. Ltd Member National Council of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, China

Much advance publicity should be given to such a fantastic art festival, I think. With an Internet service provider, I suggest the Festival Organizing Committee to positively cooperate in launching a website that exclusively introduces the event so as to reach as many would-be participants.

The event is drawing increasing interest and expectation from among the international community as time goes by, and I think it is very important to win multifaceted international cooperation in financing the event and to set up a global fund will be a big step towards further developing the event.

I’ll continue to participate in the event and work hard to ensure more active participation of those who are interested in the event.

Ri Im Won, Director

Korean Culture and Art Institute in Yanbian, China

The establishment of a global fund will not only propel development of the event but give a window of opportunity to overseas Koreans in China and other parts of the world who want to participate in the festival, I think.

I earnestly hope an international funding takes place and goes successful.

Peng Jiafeng

National 1st class performer, conductor of the CCTV National Troupe

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival is really a characteristic and grandiose international art show.

As a musician I have attended the festival, and I’m pleased that I have chances to have an in-depth exchange of achievements, experience and views on the production of music and art pieces together with counterparts in the DPRK and from across the world.

I’d like to spare the time to perform in the festival again along with other dignified Chinese musicians.

And I also hope the DPRK’s prestigious National Symphony Orchestra has artistes exchange with China and other countries, and I promise I’ll positively cooperate.

6) ASFAF Fund General Assembly

The 1st Session of the ASFAF Fund General Assembly was held in Pyongyang, capital of DPR Korea in April, Juche 101(2012). The General Assembly discussed on future activities of ASFAF Fund.

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