The April Spring Friendship Art Festival (ASFAF) is a grandiose international gathering of cultural workers and artistes from different countries of the world, which is held traditionally on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (April 15), the most auspicious holiday of the Korean people.

ASFAF is aimed at promoting friendship and solidarity, exchange and cooperation among cultural workers and artistes all over the world under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

The 31st ASFAF is opening from April 11~ 17, 2018.

East Pyongyang Grand Theater, Moranbong Theater, Music Hall of Kim Won Gyun University of Music, Bonghwa Art Theater

The ASFAF Organizing Committee shall award festival prizes (diplomas and cups) to the art troupes, individual artistes and figures of culture and art who have distinguished themselves in the festival performance or made a considerable contribution to the festival development.

During the festival, the participants shall be given opportunities, according to their desire, to visit scenic spots, historical sites and cultural establishments in the DPR Korea, and enjoy national performance of the DPRK artistes or festival performance of other groups, all free of charge.

The ASFAF Organizing Committee shall cover the expenses for lodging and boarding, local transportation, medical care and pocket money for all festival participants during their stay in Pyongyang.

They are welcomed to present musical pieces of DPR Korea.

Organizing Committee of the ASFAF has uploaded 415 popular Korean songs.

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival Fund was established in June 3, 2011 as the proposals had been made among international figures of cultural and art circle and artistes and for wide exchange and cooperation in the organization of the festival.

Pyongyang International House of Culture

Organizing Committee of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
(Pyongyang International House of Culture, Ryonhwa-dong No.2, Yonggwang Street, Central District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea)
Tel; 850-2-18111(341-8653) Email;

The 31st ASFAF is opening in April, 2018.

ASFAF is opened to all individual or groups of musicians (vocalists, instrumentalists, and conductors), dancers, acrobats, as well as prominent figures of culture and art.

Application shall be accepted by the end of January of the year when the ASFAF is to be organized.

The application shall be submitted to the ASFAF Organizing Committee either directly, or through the DPRK diplomatic mission in the countries concerned, or through the foreign diplomatic missions of the countries concern in Pyongyang.

See you again in the 31st ASFAF.